Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 Tips for Staying Slim During the Holidays and After

It’s cold outside and the holidays are here with many temptations to overeat and miss an exercise session (or more) due to all the fun activities and busy schedules we all keep this time of year. Here are five tips on how to stay on track with healthy eating and maintaining your exercise habits.
  1. Pay yourself first: No matter what you have scheduled, make sure you get in your work-out. If you usually exercise five days per week, try to maintain that schedule. You keep your energy level high and burn calories at your normal rate.
  2. Drink plenty of water before and during parties and dinners. It will help prevent you from overeating. (Add a twist of lemon or lime for a tasty touch).
  3. Don’t drink alcohol: Alcohol is loaded with empty calories (meaning it provides absolutely no nutritional benefits) and helps to pack on the pounds really fast for everyone. Remember, don’t drink and drive and don’t let others drink and drive. Call a taxi or have a designated driver who is not drinking alcohol take people home from parties.
  4. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains each day to help keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable.  These foods also have a high nutritional value so are good for your health and help to keep you slim. When you need fat or oil, use omega 3 fats on your foods at the table and when cooking such as olive oil and canola oil. These are heart and brain healthy fats.  
  5. Remember to use half the sugar and replace shortening or butter with canola oil when baking. This truly helps to reduce the number of calories on some of your favorite recipes and still tastes good. 

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